Absolutely Pure Blowjob Sensation From Autoblow Blast Toy!

The autoblow is available in the market in two different sizes for best fit in your penis. And it is really important that you buy the right size autoblow for maximum pleasure from this automatic blowjob machine. Don’t buy the autoblow toy until you finish reading this autoblow review post.

It is recommended that you should buy the autoblow blast if your penis size is normal that is up to 6.5″ circumference.
This autoblow machine is created in such a way to fit the lucky guys whose penis size is thicker than 6.5 inches. Please note that we are referring to circumference not length. There are very few guys who have a penis of not more than 6.5″ in circumference.

There are varieties of autoblow machine in the market. The autoblow blast is equipped with inner masturbation sleeve with loads of rubber tentacles which will tease and tickle your penis while the autoblow machine is sucking your penis.
The autoblow blast has two different types of holes; one is designed as a pussy while the other is designed like a female’s anus. The autoblow max is totally a different one. There is only hole in autoblow max which is fixed and built into the machine.

If you are confused which hands free masturbation to buy then you can consider buying both the autoblow toy at once at a discounted price.